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I Have a Question [Jul. 2nd, 2009|11:53 am]
claim a horror film and character!
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Okay, I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but I have a question. It’s one I’ve been trying to ask all over the internet and likewise, to research. I’ve checked out all the movie clips, I’ve tried getting into Yahoo and other Q and A sites to both read and respond to questions, sometimes to no avail. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and I’ve been wracking my brain for ideas and memories, but none have seemed to come. It’s something I’ve thought about a lot. Here it is.
Most of you should know about the classic 1976 film, Carrie, by Stephen King, as I am sure many of you are King Fans. I used to be and I used to love horror and the things associated with it. Since then, many of my values have changed, but for these purposes and for this blog entry, that is not as important. I could tell you what I think about the movie in general, but it is not for this entry. Hopefully, I will write more about it later. But for this blog entry I will stick to my question.
There are many themes in the movie, and many events, and the beginning, middle and end. That’s fine. I know what happens. We don’t need to discuss it here. I’ve seen all eleven or twelve parts on the Internet from start to finish, reservedly, of course, but I want to know one thing. It’s about the shower scene. For those of you who are not familiar to the movie, you can look it up online if you google Carrie, 1976. But I’ve seen the volleyball game and I’ve heard Tommy’s poem and Carrie’s comment on how “beautiful” it was. And I’ve also heard the music during the locker room scene. Between the musical scene in the shower, sometimes censored, sometimes not, and between the talk Miss Collins has with the principal where they send Carrie home, there is a scene that I remember from watching the movie as a kid in high school. It is the scene where Carrie makes that scary discovery, is humiliated by various classmates, and is then spoken to by Miss Collins as the girls leave. She helps to calm Carrie down, and I know and remember she talks to her and explains that what Carrie has discovered is normal, and shows her what to do. Then we resume with Carrie getting sent home, etc.
My blog friends, I have found every scene from the other Miss Collins scene with Carrie putting on lipstick and learning she is indeed beautiful, to the prom scene, except that one where she is humiliated in the shower. Where is it online?
I’ve really thought about just purchasing the movie myself, but I don’t really care too much about the other scenes except the “nice” ones, we’ll call them. No, being humiliated is never nice, but I’ll talk about that later here, as well. I cannot find that scene and I am looking for it, and I think that buying or renting the movie to watch a scene that is probably less than five minutes long is pointless. I even read a bit of the script, which of course has many profanities in it, those profanities! Anyway, it glossed over what really happened in the film. I think much of what happened in the “humiliation and help” part of the said shower scene was ad-libbed or improvised. I’d like to see what happened. Can anyone help? Are there links I can go to online to find the scene? Is there a way to freely download the movie and then close it when the scene is finished? It seems silly that part 1 starts when Carrie goes home, because I know there is more.
And now, to stifle your curiosity, why would I want to view the humiliation scene out of all of them? I’d write about it later, and must, because I need to go and do other things soon. But here’s my final point. I don’t want to come across as perverted or anything, especially because I may know some of you who read this and I don’t want you to get the wrong impression and me to have a ruined reputation. I do not, and would never, intentionally desire to humiliate anyone, at any time. I am very sad that Carrie had to go through all this, and I am also sad for her character being put so low that she had to take such revenge on the school. That is not right.
It is Miss Collins I want to pay attention to. I admire her courage and sympathy. Yes, she is just a movie character and yes, she is only an image of the real thing. But you know, in the middle of a horror thriller, to have such a caring and sympathetic woman come alongside such a shy girl, is something to be admired. Not because she is so heroic; she is not. She swears, gets scared, yells at kids and well, just teaches gym. But what she does is a good, good thing. More of us should be helping others. This, next to the musical shower scene, is the only scene in the movie that I would really consider my favorite. That and the one where Miss Collins tells Carrie she is beautiful. Would you rather be told that you are ugly and will have your prom tickets taken away, or that you are beautiful even if you feel shy?
I do not wish to dwell on this kind of stuff. A simple act of kindness goes a long way. However, it is just that: Miss Collins is kind and I want to study her character. I don’t think I would say I am Miss Collins or anything, and want to be careful because I am who I am, just Meggy, at least, in that regard. But I really think that Carrie and Miss Collins could be inspiration for something I might do later as a project. So, could anyone help me? As I’ve said, it’s not to vengefully watch girls humiliating each other, nor is it because my mind is not right or I want to see nudity or anything like that. It is simply to study what really happened and to learn from it. Please tell me, where is the entire shower scene -- the girls, the teasing, Miss Collins helping Carrie, everything?
Thank you for your help.
I will hopefully talk to you soon.

[User Picture]From: abbadie
2009-07-03 09:08 am (UTC)
Wow, I don't remember when I joined this group; the internet has finally eaten my brains. :/

I noticed that among all your consultations and research you don't once mention having actually read the novel. If you cannot stand profanities and cruelty, maybe you shouldn't, but if you are going to research a character you should by all means go to her original source.

That said, refusing to actually buy the movie (and the book, which is even more importand since it is the root) while you claim to want to study a character in Carrie, seems unfair. If you like miss Collins, then at the very least pay her back by contributing to keep her in print and/or in available film by paying a couple of bucks and actually getting copies.

Allow me to explain myself: I am among the legions who loathe Edward Cullen from Twilight; thus, I'm nasty enough that if I ever really needed, for whatever reason, to read or watch Twilight, I would download it because I would refuse to support it with my money. There are, however, books and films which have characters I love, and I do make a point of buying copies if i want to watch them in whole or in part.

That's why I say, only if you dislike miss Collins, then refuse to buy copies. Me, I love that book and film, and therefore I will not betray that love by posting a download link.
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