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Mod post: Updating and "stealing" claims (soon to be a sticky post)

Hi all. Going to update all the new claims in a day or two - thanks for your patience. I appreciate every member here and it's you guys who make the community what it is. Thanks so much.

To new and current members: If there's a character or film you'd like to claim, but is already taken on the claims list, check out the userinfo of the person who's claimed it and see if they're still a member. If someone's left the community, their claims are up for grabs! Feel free to take them, switch yours out for them, or just let me know so I can correct the list.

(If you can't tell if a person on the claims list is still a member, comment here and I'll check it out definitely for you. I'd rather do it this way, 'cause I'm chronically ill and don't have the time or energy to overhaul the list right now. Again, thanks for your patience.)

Take care, horror fans!

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