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Horror Claims

claim a horror film and character!
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This community is for those that love horror flicks and want to steal one of them or one of their characters. Claim a horror movie, be it popular or unpopular, from any time period, doesn't matter, and you can claim a horror flick character too. Please just read the simple rules before you join.


1) You may claim ONE movie and ONE character. You don't have to claim both, but feel free.
2) If you claim both a movie and character, they DO NOT have to be from the same movie.
3) No drama. This is only meant for fun. If you want a movie or character that is already claimed, kindly ask the person who claims said movie/character if they will share. If not, find something else to claim.
4) YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO SHARE, but it's always nice.
5) Post your claim in a TOP LEVEL JOURNAL POST, not in a comment. If I don't see it, it won't get added, and it's still up for grabs. Makes sense, huh?
6) Please put your claim in your USER INFO for all to see. What's the fun in claiming something without proclaiming it!?
7) Your claims are yours, all yours, until you either delete your journal or leave the group. You don't have to watch the group, but please remain a member as long as you want to retain your claims! I use the master list of members on the Community Management LJ console to determine who is still in the group.
8) If you decide to leave the community and therefore give up your claims, please make a TOP LEVEL POST indicating you are doing so. It's just polite. Likewise, if you want to change your claims to something else, please do the same and I will change them for you.
9) Please work out the title/accurate name of your flick/character BEFORE you post a claim! If you're having trouble with this, try http://www.imdb.com - it's like magic! ;)

You MUST say the character's name and what movie he or she... or it... is from.
You can only claim the character in one movie. For example, if you pick Pinhead from Hellraiser, you get him in that movie only. If someone else wants him from Hellraiser II, then they can have him in that one only as well.

Like it is with characters, you can't claim an entire series or franchise. Just pick one. And hey, if you're claiming a sequel, you need to post the entire title of the sequel, not, "I want to claim Halloween part 3". You have to say, "I want to claim Halloween: Season of the Witch (part 3)," or something along those lines. (Although you'd have to have the worst taste ever to claim that movie, shudder.)

Feel free to discuss horror flicks and so forth. so, not only is this a claims list, it will also be a discussion community. Of course, this does not mean you can advertise all kinds of random crap here, but if it's really horror-related and you think the users here really need to hear about it, post it and we'll check it out. Please, no advertisement for rating communities.

You might want to check this site out - The Complete Horror Movie List (created by miskatonika!)

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Ruth (electrablue)
Email: the.promised.womb @ gmail.com
AIM: amurderofprose
(maintainership taken over from the lovely dorsia in August 2005 - thanks!)